The Freedom Education Movement

The Freedom Education Movement empowers parents to overcome the fear and overwhelm of homeschooling by providing the tools, resources, and support to confidently create interest and passion based learning experiences that build children's self-esteem, self-worth, and mindset. 

For Parents Who Want Something Different....

If traditional education is NOT working,

DON'T recreate the same thing at home.

It's time to change the pattern of educational frustration for you and your kids by focusing on MINDSET & MENTAL HEALTH and developing a PASSION BASED learning experience.

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Shasta Mott

I’m Shasta, a laid back, out-of-the-box, untraditional mom to 6 amazing kids.  I’m living my best life NOW, WITH my kids and consider myself a Gypsypreneur, as I've traveled and Roadschooled across the US and Puerto Rico focusing on creating happy hearts, minds, and memories first that then connect to their personalized learning journeys and experiences.

I've been where you are: overwhelmed, questioning if I could really teach my kids better than public schools can, desperately trying to find all the answers to defend my decision to friends and family that don't understand, while wading through a sea of information online. 

The good news is, you are not alone

The better news?  YOU CAN do this! 

You ARE the best option for your child(ren) which is why I've poured myself into creating the Freedom Education Movement. Not only do we help empower parents to overcome the fear and overwhelm of homeschooling by providing the tools and resources to confidently create interest-based learning experiences that also build self-esteem and a strong mindset, we also create courses for students that are interest-based and built on a foundation that intentionally builds our students hearts, minds, self-esteem, and self-worth first.