For parents who want something different.

When traditional education is NOT working, it's time to create something NEW.


Empowering parents to create a homeschooling experience that focuses on investing in the hearts and minds of our children and connecting interests to learning.
Empowering students to become confident and self-motivated enough to passionately pursue their dreams and put in the learning and work to become the amazing people they were created to be.

Our kids hearts and minds are our number one priority but sometimes in the complexity of all we've known from the traditional educational standpoint, we forget that and put academics, grades, and GPAs first. My goal is to help parents navigate the world of education in a way that helps kids find their passions, chase their dreams and become everything they were created to be.

I've been where you are: overwhelmed, questioning if I could really teach my kids better than public schools can, desperately trying to find all the answers to defend my decision to friends and family that don't understand, while wading through a sea of information online. 

The good news is, you are not alone

The better news?  YOU CAN do this! 

You ARE the best option for your child(ren) which is why I've poured myself into creating the Freedom Education Movement. Not only do we help empower parents to overcome the fear and overwhelm of homeschooling by providing the tools and resources to confidently create interest-based learning experiences that also build self-esteem and a strong mindset, we also create courses for students that are interest-based and built on a foundation that intentionally builds our students hearts, minds, self-esteem, and self-worth first. 

Shasta Mott with kids on beach.

Shasta Mott M.Ed.

I'm Shasta and I've been in the world of education for 20 years now.

Whether teaching in the classroom, online, or at home with my own children, I have always had a strong conviction that meeting kid's heart and mind needs is just as important as meeting their academic ones.

I believe that a lot of academic failure is less about missing information and so much more about the lack of connection to that information.

My interest in this, in addition to almost 20 years experience as an educator and parent, led me to study connected parenting and teaching, which has led me to become an advocate for interest-based teaching and learning.

The greatest educational gift we can give our children is to empower their hearts and minds so they have the strength, skills, and desire to pursue their dreams and become everything they were created to be.